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This book insisted on being written. It picked me. Here I stand butt naked – not hiding blemishes, no secrets, no vanity allowed. It took all my strength, courage and essence to tell you these true stories, and share with you my path to my greatest enlightenment. I lost my housing along the way, so what? It will come back. I am eternally grateful for all of the learning opportunities that I’ve encountered.


This book is honest. I have taken my deepest, most personal secrets and laid them bare. I have exposed my ego to the light for all to see, good, bad and ugly. Reading it may change the way you see yourself and your culture. It may change your relationship to your soul, and your own sexuality.


I take down the fallacies and the lies of our culture. I shine the light on our religious and societal hypocrisies.


I call this book “Sex and Ego Death”. Trust me, you will get the sex… it’s in here. And you will get the ego death too. With the publishing of this book, I nail the lid on my ego’s coffin. I have nothing left to lose, nothing left to hide, no more pride, no more fear. Liberation it is.


I have everything to gain. This is a book about courage. I hope that in publishing this book, and thus exposing my intimate secrets and my humanity, that you will gain the courage to live your life more fearlessly as well. You will be surprised at how contagious and liberating this process can be.


This book shines light onto the tumultuous and confusing times many have to go through these days. These inner conflicts come naturally with the massive and fast changes our world needs to go through. Don’t ever doubt the reason for your existence, or your impact on this world, even though we all do. Remember, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!” Don’t come to negative conclusions prematurely. I too was in doubt – but never again!



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